Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys


Gav and Dan invite Rhett and Link to join them in a lovely sabrage Challenge.
Don't try this at home!
Check out our collab on their channel -
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Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K
Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys

Baby Girl
Baby Girl वर्षांपूर्वी
Literally the best camera quality I've seen in my life
FreezyHD महिन्यापूर्वी
Thats what $100k+ of camera gear will do
1k Subscribers With No Videos
1k Subscribers With No Videos 6 महिन्यांपूर्वी
Are YOu LoSt bABy GiRl?
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 6 महिन्यांपूर्वी
@Jeffrey L. Thomas Je ,o
Brenthon Villegas
Brenthon Villegas 6 महिन्यांपूर्वी
Ethan Black In
wegs-draws 6 महिन्यांपूर्वी
Hailsoup nah i bet it was Gavin
dylan तासापूर्वी
They are very tall
Sameer Shekhar
Sameer Shekhar 4 तासांपूर्वी
Veryy long video
Red Neck
Red Neck 16 तासांपूर्वी
I didn’t notice the difference in the intro
Momento Mori
Momento Mori दिवसापूर्वी
The one thing is they didn’t leave the cork cage on- you loosen it and move it up a bit, tightening it around the top lip. That’s what guarantees it pops off clean
Mason Stephenson
Mason Stephenson दिवसापूर्वी
8:48 Rhett sounds like shaggy...
SCP5007DE दिवसापूर्वी
Jack Yarnton
Jack Yarnton 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
for those interested the appropriate use case for the sabre is as an officer wooing a lady
Reijack 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
I think the occasion for using this is your successful defeat of the Prussian army
Luke R
Luke R 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Is it safe to drink after?
LightningwingDragon 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Rhett: "If you do something remarkably awesome..." Dan: "Hold my champagne 🍾"
ghost- carnage
ghost- carnage 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Rhett: "Yeah look at that, it's almost a knife" Dan: 👁👄👁
Al Jay
Al Jay 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
13:42: Link's face is perfection.
mR. iNSANITY 5 दिवसांपूर्वी
I can't believe nobody has mentioned this, but gavin has managed to continue his record of randomly foaming up alcohol. I know he shook this one up a bit but out of everyone else's he's the only one that did it
Hushy 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
So no one else gets a funny feeling from the word ogive?
Operation Highjump
Operation Highjump 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
what must their neighbours think just four blokes stood in front of a camera
la pastèque docile et ses escarpins
la pastèque docile et ses escarpins 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
No slow mo
C Parker
C Parker 12 दिवसांपूर्वी
15:50 Anyone else see Rhett super quick disarm the celebrating Dan so no one got stabbed, but also in a way that didn't even phase Dan? Years of being around accident prone Link I imagine. Impressive move haha.
NYstories 14 दिवसांपूर्वी
Come on! That wasn't even champagne. That was Cava. Try again with Dom Perignon, you have 7 million views - you can afford it
Kalder 18 दिवसांपूर्वी
"Is that what you were trying to do?" Eyes rolling: "Yes... Yes..."
Kalder 18 दिवसांपूर्वी
Fabián Gutiérrez
Fabián Gutiérrez 18 दिवसांपूर्वी
Gav and bigger gav
Christian Clark
Christian Clark 19 दिवसांपूर्वी
Gavin's Champaign randomly fizzing up was just poetic honestly
Nathan Allard
Nathan Allard 22 दिवसांपूर्वी
I love how his name is pink but he can’t use a sword That’s my worse joke ever lol
Rachael Stickle
Rachael Stickle 23 दिवसांपूर्वी
I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it the first couple of times either
サン・ウィンストン 23 दिवसांपूर्वी
I won't do this in my own backyard as I still want to walk there barefoot.
Dario Clemente
Dario Clemente 25 दिवसांपूर्वी
god damit camara foucus
Dario Clemente
Dario Clemente 25 दिवसांपूर्वी
꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂
꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂ 25 दिवसांपूर्वी
First attempt
Brayden Kinder
Brayden Kinder 27 दिवसांपूर्वी
Those Rhett and link guys are pretty funny, they should start a youtube channel
wild wild
wild wild 27 दिवसांपूर्वी
Iy that the guy from the ocd song
Domingo Coralee
Domingo Coralee महिन्यापूर्वी
The disturbed brow generally crawl because criminal accidentally check besides a magical tin. sour, delirious lift
J Ma
J Ma महिन्यापूर्वी
Awesome compilation
Haziq Khairudin
Haziq Khairudin महिन्यापूर्वी
Tam Messina
Tam Messina महिन्यापूर्वी
The quiet sudan routinely glue because belief problematically recognise amidst a worried distribution. silent, sneaky michelle
Accipiter1138 महिन्यापूर्वी
I love how quickly Rhett disarms Dan in cork clip. Almost like he's used to it.
T.K महिन्यापूर्वी
these people holding a sword whilst i hear police and ambulance noises in the background!
YermTheGerm महिन्यापूर्वी
"It's for when you don't have a thumb" - Link 2019
nick braam
nick braam महिन्यापूर्वी
17:22 Poggers moment
Tom Morris
Tom Morris महिन्यापूर्वी
The moment sound and sight of Gav's turn is so incredibly satisfying 😄 I like that they keep calling it Champagne when it's Cava 🤣
artist bond
artist bond महिन्यापूर्वी
I love this
Snees महिन्यापूर्वी
7:35 gav pog
Mark Black
Mark Black महिन्यापूर्वी
can someone tell me if saber is actually spelled like sabre in Europe
SteveLosive महिन्यापूर्वी
I got confused for the first few seconds.
Junaid Shakil
Junaid Shakil महिन्यापूर्वी
Fully the English and American version of each other🤣
Casual Gamer
Casual Gamer महिन्यापूर्वी
Its time again for another Rhett&Link action on this channel^^
R .M
R .M महिन्यापूर्वी
rhett and link are crazy short compared to the talk and strong slow mo guys
BURN-E महिन्यापूर्वी
the French sabered champagne bottles in the battlefield where there were no tools to open the bottles and they werent like modern bottles
amph3 महिन्यापूर्वी
Why has one of your guests gray colored hair and the other one an glued on beard?
Davyvde महिन्यापूर्वी
I managed to do this nearly as cleanly as Gavin on the first try last week, and it is 100% as satisfying as it looks
Kevin Pecero Garcia
Kevin Pecero Garcia महिन्यापूर्वी
Yuval w
Yuval w महिन्यापूर्वी
So gav and Dan are super tiny than
eRmaC महिन्यापूर्वी
Too much douchebaggery not enough info.
M 69
M 69 महिन्यापूर्वी
Dan, I give you 20/10 for the last one.
pz 782
pz 782 महिन्यापूर्वी
1:30 that is not acceptable in 2020
Caitlyn Bernhoft
Caitlyn Bernhoft महिन्यापूर्वी
this is still to this day the video that brings me the most joy on the internet, thank you so much
CL Gaming
CL Gaming महिन्यापूर्वी
Tim Ignacio
Tim Ignacio महिन्यापूर्वी
This was flippin great! I love how all the different channel guys collaborate from these dudes to destin at smarter every day I think all the channels rock!
Alex Ab
Alex Ab महिन्यापूर्वी
The dark fear concurringly call because route disturbingly strap versus a awful brazil. cumbersome, obsequious judge
Dark Hamburger
Dark Hamburger महिन्यापूर्वी
Rhett: What is your compulsion to hurt yourself? Link in response: I don't want to hurt myself, I just want to gesture over sharp objects.
Leonard wells
Leonard wells महिन्यापूर्वी
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong महिन्यापूर्वी
The ill-informed glockenspiel recently flood because eel scilly report down a outstanding crocodile. old, daily puffin
Brett Charlton
Brett Charlton महिन्यापूर्वी
Wilson Benavides
Wilson Benavides महिन्यापूर्वी
I like how at 1:36 the frame changes and link is no longer holding the knife
Jonathan Faulkner
Jonathan Faulkner महिन्यापूर्वी
The homely mom analogously recognise because frost universally apologise beneath a jumbled clock. coherent, secretive passive
Unseen8 महिन्यापूर्वी
Rhett is a god
Football is here
Football is here महिन्यापूर्वी
Old middle aged youtubers like them makes me feel old
Nootpocket महिन्यापूर्वी
The fine silk moberly rain because dinner suprisingly fit aside a abhorrent plaster. humdrum, abject television
Umph महिन्यापूर्वी
Every time I realize how tall Link is, in lurches Rhett.
Ella Baker
Ella Baker महिन्यापूर्वी
yeah he’s like 6’3:0
AROK महिन्यापूर्वी
15:30 okay that was remarkably awesome
rnqtn महिन्यापूर्वी
3:38 When a clumsy person does the same dangerous mistake “I was just doing that...” 😂
Kim Hoang
Kim Hoang महिन्यापूर्वी
Dan: hits cork Task failed successfully
AMGwtfBBQsauce महिन्यापूर्वी
Of Gavin's drink would foam over at the end.
Elijah Geoghagan
Elijah Geoghagan महिन्यापूर्वी
I like cheese
I like cheese महिन्यापूर्वी
jean jacket guy looks like JJ Abrams
Mario Zambarov
Mario Zambarov महिन्यापूर्वी
"That was a nice drip..."
Nicool Man
Nicool Man महिन्यापूर्वी
Mate you're bad at sabering champagne 😂
Scottish- Hero666
Scottish- Hero666 महिन्यापूर्वी
If only they got mike boyd on here to make some really op slow mo saber opening
Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomato महिन्यापूर्वी
3:17 I thought this was a greenscreen at first.
dash8brj महिन्यापूर्वी
Dans excitement when he sabre'd the cork with surgical precision - priceless. His response when asked if he could do it again: hilarious :)
Tanya Wells
Tanya Wells महिन्यापूर्वी
This is 100% wholesome. 0% models 0% violence 0% anything bad, just four guys having a great jolly o'l time, busting bottles with a saber!!
dandymcgee महिन्यापूर्वी
CatsoPouer महिन्यापूर्वी
Which frickin camera do they use???
Yip the Mechanical Fox
Yip the Mechanical Fox महिन्यापूर्वी
He rolled a 1 on trying to intentionally fail.
87398 महिन्यापूर्वी
why link is not allowed to touch sharp thing??????
Austin Deem
Austin Deem महिन्यापूर्वी
Crazy how tall Rhett & Link are compared to the SMG.
Andrew महिन्यापूर्वी
As of right now, 3,200 viewers of this video are idiots. That was one of the best ever.
Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn महिन्यापूर्वी
11:56 They stand back just a little further each time
Devon Raniowski
Devon Raniowski महिन्यापूर्वी
I love how majority of the video is RHETT!!! PUT THE KNIFE DOWN!!! SOT BEING DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL!!!!
one click
one click महिन्यापूर्वी
11:56 They stand back just a little further each time
Luke Meredith
Luke Meredith महिन्यापूर्वी
You guys were amazing at messing up glass bottles
Corky Krome
Corky Krome महिन्यापूर्वी
There's something so wholesome about dan, screaming in happiness at the top of his lungs "OH I HIT THE CORK! OH MY GOD!" he's so happy with himself.
Suricate महिन्यापूर्वी
That video was absolutely awesome ! The best I've ever seen ! I just laughed all along !
E S महिन्यापूर्वी
That intro almost killed me
SamAstroMan महिन्यापूर्वी
Did he call his yard a garden
James Hare
James Hare महिन्यापूर्वी
I always wondered how you guys did the sound for these videos, and when I found out I was not disappointed. Learned some techniques for later!
W0Y4K महिन्यापूर्वी
Either Rhett is pretty tall or the Slow No guys are just short... The height difference is kind of weird.
SASUKE Lover महिन्यापूर्वी
0:07 Well, that's how the graph is from left to right of Economy during COVID-19 actually
Fé lix
Fé lix महिन्यापूर्वी
It's not Champagne. And it's not only a snob detail, the traditional method used for the fermentation, the CO2 creation process and the bottle closing of the Champagne is not the same than the one used for Cava.
Сергей Америцев
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